The webbing ladder and large loops on the carrying bag make it easy to attach the folded chair to a bike or bag. - competition. Reproduction without permission is prohibited. We think Helinox Chair Onewould be good for short backpacking trips and kids. It has a comfortable seat and sits relatively high off the ground for a portable chair, which makes getting in and out of it much easier. Quick Add Learn More. 2 oz. Despite these pros, we also noticed some comfort cons. The smallest chairs we tested compared to standard water bottle sizes. Let's make camping comfortable. We hope you get the perfect helinox chair from the above list. Supposedly it'll support up to 320#, but I'd be a little worried if I was closer to that number. Save my name and email in this browser for the next time I comment. Helinox Chair One Review: Outdoor Comfort, Anywhere Camping chairs are a must for those who like a little bit of comfort when enjoying the great outdoors. Additionally, this chair's sturdy, stable construction, and high weight limit gave testers the impression that it will be able to last for many seasons to come. If you want an even lighter chair, check out my review about the Helinox Chair Zero. Built to be portable and durable, it is one of my favorite camp chairs to date, and the easiest to recommend. The Helinox Sunset Chair has rapidly grown to be one of our favorite parts of outdoor equipment and our team and I take it to many places. This naturally pulls the aluminum poles into place, making assembly a quick and straightforward task. We wondered if the extra surface area of the Moon Lence (left) would make a meaningful difference in sand. If you're in the market for a camping chair that is easier and less painful to carry for long distances, then our Best Portable Camping Chair will likely meet your needs! The Helinox Chair One has some stiff - but comfortable! 5/10/2020 Jonathan Tan. With its lightweight and easy assembly, it’s not hard to recommend it to outdoor lovers. Share on Facebook. The Helinox Camp Chair is a quarter of the weight of my Kijaro Double Lock Chair. Keep in mind that it is more expensive than many of the other options. They encourage their buyers to push the products to their limits, take pictures, and share their stories. Made with a strong and light nylon resin hub, the pivoting action is designed to be seamless and smooth. For a full comparison, check out the Moon Lence review. Play Pause Unmute Mute. In fact, it ties for third lightest; the Helinox Chair Zero takes the prize for lightest, followed by the REI Co-op Flexlite). This chair easily cracked the upper levels of our best backpacking chair list. Over time, we found the Moon Lence stretched out in some places and not in others, changing the feel of the chair, and was less stable than the Chair One. Unfortunately, the pressure from the support bars at the top of the chair's seat can squeeze your shoulders together, unless you're tall enough to clear the back of the chair. It's also important to note that the seat of the Chair One is rather low to the ground - particularly compared to the larger camping chair models but even compared to some of the other portable models that we tested. Bottom left to right: Chair Zero, Chair One, Moon Lence, REI Flex Lite, Onepack. The tiny feet of the Helinox Chair One (right) don't lend you any extra stability on soft ground. You help support OutdoorGearLab's product testing and reviews by purchasing from our retail partners. They test their products in the Continental Divide Trail, which is extremely close to their office. The design principles behind Helinox’s Chair One are portability, durability, beauty and comfort. Helinox Chair One Review. How can we improve GearLab? This problem is height dependent: testers taller than 5'8" didn't experience the shoulder cramming feeling because their shoulders cleared the back of the chair. A light-weight and portable rocking chair from Helinox. Shop Helinox for the world's lightest, strongest, most comfortable portable chairs, cots, tables & outdoor equipment. Helinox Sunset Chair Review: Should you buy it? While it does do a lot of things right, there are some things that bring down the score somewhat. The Helinox Chair One is a wonderful choice for outdoor seating. All you want to do is sit down. This is all fine and dandy, you say, but how does it compare to the comfort of the Moon Lence, a chair that, side-by-side, appears nearly identical in size and shape to the Chair One? It's sturdy enough for me, so if you don't weigh near 260, it's going to be good enough for you. Though it requires more set-up than the ALPS Mountaineering Rendezvous or many of the traditional model chairs that simply fold open, it is still significantly less time consuming than setting up the ENO Lounger DL, with its extra poles and complicated leg system, or the Onepack, with its excessively long pole sleeves. Out of all 13 camping chairs we tested, 7 of which we considered "portable", the Helinox Chair One stood out. Let’s take a look. It is low profile enough to just toss in your car and leave it there for those moments you need a camping chair but didn't think of packing one (or if you live in your RV or van). REI. Privacy | Cookies | Terms, The world's most in-depth and scientific reviews of gear, While this chair is not the cream of the crop, it is highly portable and scores above average in each metric. When most people think of a camping chair, they picture a... the world's most carefully tested and objective gear reviews. $34.95. Weighing just under two pounds, it is the third lightest chair in this review; heavier only than the REI Flex Lite and Chair Zero.
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