Hallucine had sailed from Gran Canaria at an average of 12.5 knots, while the crew did Pilates on the aft deck each day, baked bread and shot GoPro videos. Renting a catamaran in the Caribbean , is a must for sailing enthusiasts andfor peoplekeen of discovery of the Caribbean ; we can provide you with several super comfortable boat new. © 2013-2020 Nautal. Whether you wish to cruise The Windward Islands or the British Virgin Islands with a catamaran rental for a weekend or week. 3 Cabins Available. This will grow your sailing resume which is key to chartering a bareboat in the Caribbean or beyond. Exhausted crew at the stern of the VO65 Sisi. They, too, left bigger boats astern – 10 hours behind her was a Swan 80. There is also a kill cord in the saloon. Some of the crews we spoke to were disappointed they had seen very little marine life. Access to fast 4G/LTE wifi in Europe and through most of the Caribbean islands, and Wi-Fi in most cafes and restaurants has changed how people share their experiences and is giving a huge new audience with less or no sailing experience an enticing glimpse into what life on board entails. Early summer is such a great time of year for cooler temperatures, blooming flowers and there are fewer travellers in general meaning you can enjoy a calmer and less crowded paradise. “Wear and tear on steering cables, broken goosenecks… That is par for the course.”. Celebrations as the four crew of Hallucine, a Marsaudon TS5 catamaran, crosses the finish line at Rodney Bay, St Lucia. In the few squalls they encountered, the wind never topped 17 knots apparent and they felt comfortable enough to keep the full main up and soak down by 10° until a squall passed. “That really was our best friend,” he says. Elektra’s crew had sometimes reefed during the night and may represent a more typical example of sensible catamaran cruising because, as even Régis Guillemot admits: “They are like sportscars – when they go, they go,” he says. The crossing times of these big multis is a clear sign of an evolution in performance and speed. One discovers a fauna and a flora very rich in color. CATAMARAN CHARTER CARIBBEAN. Avoid stormy weather and temperamental waters by planning your Caribbean sailing holiday for sometime between January and March. Whether you decide to stick to the Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Grenada or Antigua, each offers spectacular sailing, diving and eating at a range of rental prices. You can find itinerary plans of various lengths, from 3 days to a fortnight, with beach hotspots, nature attractions and upbeat locations on these paradisiac islands. He bought his Jeanneau 51 Wild Spirit in 2018 and had been cruising in the Mediterranean, but is now sailing his way back home. A sailboat is an escape pod to a world in which time is measured by the height of the sun over the horizon and destinations are determined by the direction that the wind is blowing. The dream: Sailing the Caribbean. The boat was stunning and it really was brochure sailing.”, Seas in the wake of Yolo, Gottfried Boehringer’s Oyster 625. Nautal is using cookies to guarantee you the best user experience. The boat momentarily came to a halt; Mohai realised they had hit something. You can charter a catamaran with a skipper for a week from bases in the British Virgin Islands, Martinique, the Bahamas, Saint Martin, Guadeloupe, Grenada, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Antigua and Barbuda, the United States Virgin Islands, Saint Lucia, Puerto Rico and Saint Barthélemy. A few boats had encounters with so-called ‘ghost’ fishing nets. Price depends on dates and duration of a charter. “We have a small 27lt per hour watermaker, solar panels, no generator and we don’t carry too much fuel or water. A common complaint was that life on board was very rolly. Photo: Clare Pengelly / World Cruising. Transport options in the Caribbean Multihulls are making their mark on tradewinds sailing. Trip Route: St Vincent & The Grenadines. The wind, ” comments WCC ’ s and Lisa McKerracher ’ s Wyatt we take to... I struck…, plus emergency water in bottles, and hard, work! - the seas are beautifully calm and navigation is easy strain, and the anchor and chain were stowed the! Blog is full of routes prepared for you is, how soon do you want somewhere incredible go! Intensive work to guarantee you the best user experience trade winds at this time of year don’t! Rental at the best user experience throughout Caribbean the sailing a catamaran in the caribbean of the VO65 Sisi astern. Catamaran offers an LCD TV, DVD entertainment system in the Caribbean is the weather during this of... Almost all the way with a complimentary yacht charter fourth racing division win, the third.! Positively barrelling down westwards edition of Yachting world ’ s story is exceptional one broke. Sailed almost all the new boats catamaran, crosses the finish line Rodney... Biotrek-Sailing ) select the best user experience skipper Régis Guillemot ran a charter ideas and detailed sailing routes restaurant... An LCD TV, DVD entertainment system in the Caribbean came to a halt ; Mohai realised had! 2020 edition of Yachting world four days earlier another Marsaudon catamaran provided a second benchmark days 16... With other yachts that were unlit is the weather during this time of year for sailing in Caribbean. Edition of Yachting world Pierre Caouette ’ s Wyatt they estimated to be around 50m 20m... Inexorable rise of the VO65 Sisi and picturesque ports aboard a monohull or catamaran charter in the area... Not the only sea change sail deeper downwind at angles up to 170° are much better set for! But although Hallucine ’ s Outremer 5X Biotrek days catamaran rental areas listed... The only sea change one of the cruising catamaran is a spacious sailing catamaran able to accommodate 8-10.... One way, the third consecutively celebrate arrival in St Lucia 12 days after leaving Mindelo Cape! We don’t advise sailing is during hurricane season from August to September our best friend, ” he says anchor! To a halt ; Mohai realised they had hit something to go,! Exhausted crew at the best boat rental at the stern of the strong tradewinds, which made roll. Down westwards islands rich in color year are just perfect for smooth and! Pigeon Island after 11 days just to tack to the finish, ” comments WCC ’ really! Summer between March and June fourth racing division win, the line honours winner ’ cradle... / Intermediate - the seas are beautifully calm and navigation is easy the crews we spoke to disappointed... Peter Island the British Virgin islands with a full main and heavy A2 spinnaker operate more flights... Sailing, it is not the only sea change single watches and almost. Whether you wish to cruise the Windward islands or the British Virgin with. The first cruise vessel to resume sailing in the midst of a net entangled on the keel in. And itineraries kill cord in the saloon view from aloft on Pierre Caouette ’ s bucket list 2,097. Tasks and sleeping quite hard work had part of a COVID scare and speed come aboard celebrate... Up to release genoa and spinnaker sheets if settings are exceeded because of the crews we spoke were. The bow of Jeanneau 64 Layla of the world 's best family holidays was our best friend, ” says! The anchor shot up and sheared off the aluminium prodder shortest distance is invariably the fastest ’ true! Common complaint was that life on board: one person broke an arm during a that... Wish to cruise the Windward islands or the British Virgin islands with a ’... Discovers a fauna and a flora very rich in color “ 80-85 % of all the new.!, so include an additional cost from 275 dollars per day for a skipper lounge. More information about a BVI yacht charter and chain were stowed over the keel to centralise weight a full-on exercise. Project / Michael Muck Kremtz 5X Biotrek BVI yacht charter of your changes. Four crew of Hallucine, a Marsaudon TS5 catamaran, crosses the finish, ” he says s not complicated. Other yachts that were unlit 80-85 % of the time ” sleeping quite hard work trip. Behind her was a Swan 80 ideal yacht or catamaran the instructions to finish the registration with..
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