the #1 lightweight lithium battery available. Shorai LFX high performance batteries have less internal resistance, a lower self discharge rate and do not sulphate like conventional batteries. Understanding battery chemistry, safety and what you need; can be a big Shorai is one of the most well-known names in the lithium battery world when it comes to motorcycles and other powersports vehicles. IF YOU CANNOT FIND WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR CONTACT US, IF YOU HAVE DIFFICULTY PURCHASING WITH YOUR CREDIT CARD PLEASE CONTACT US (WE CAN DO VISA + MASTERCARD MANUALLY). The Ultrabatt Lithium Battery replacement for the same bike is rated at 270 Cold Cranking Amps and 360 PCA! Ultrabatt is manufacturer of lithium ion racing motorcycle and car batteries. It is also HIGHLY recommended that you use the Shorai charger as it is designed specifically for the Shorai LFX product/s. Global Motorcycle Batteries Market Report 2020 by Key Players, Types, Applications, Countries, Market Size, Forecast to 2026 (Based on 2020 COVID-19 … ), Flashlights, Digital Cameras, … motorsports batteries hi-power lithium-ion. And some of the more powerful opti. When it comes to getting juice in your motorcycle, Cycle Gear carries a large selection of top battery brands that deliver lasting quality. This 100Ah model can provide continuous current up to 50A, with peaks of up to 100A. Dirt and Road Bike gear, parts and accessories ... POWEROAD 2nd Generation Lithium-Ion Power... From $147.40. The lithium ion battery can manage 5000 Cycles, with some TLC. learn more. The PSL series offers outstanding cycle life of up to 5000 cycles. The short answer is a lithium-ion battery has higher performance, but lithium-iron batteries … © Copyright 2019 The Battery Cell, all rights reserved. It’s not suitable for a primary vehicle starting battery, however is absolutely perfect for house batteries, backup batteries, and virtually any other application where you would typically use a large lead acid / AGM battery. Motorcycle Batteries. ... New Zealand. Shorai has made a name for itself in the industry when it comes to reliability, and are known to have high quality products and excellent customer service. This new generation of batteries is perfect for off-grid or on-board systems, as deep discharging will not shorten the battery’s lifespan like conventional batteries. This means someone wanting a 9A/hr battery requires a LFX27(L3/A3)-BS12. SMARTER ENERGY MANAGEMENT. The new generation of lithium ion deep cycle batteries – suitable for 12v, 24v and 48v systems – gives you more power and a longer lifespan with zero maintenance and up to 70% less weight than standard batteries. Make sure you read all literature for these batteries, whilst they work a treat -if you do not follow requirements it can be an experience you don't want. Shorai have always stated their rating on the label is a Pb equivalent for power comparisons due to the fact that LiFePO4 technology is completely different from Lead acid and the batteries work in the opposite way to lead acid. One of the best practices known to extend its battery life is to store it on room temperature. If your bike produces less than that because of a tired charging system, the lithium battery will not charge, and it … We all know that extreme weather condition affects battery life, and this includes the lithium-ion battery. battery finder. select your ride Results per Page. Conventional, AGM/GEL/DRY CELL and Lithium high crank Motorcycle batteries listed here. 3 years ago shorai powered debise and mcfadden close out 2017 on the podium in alabama Lithium-Ion Motorcycle Batteries. Juice Lithium Ion batteries are a professional range of energy storage batteries using Lithium Ion cell technology coupled with a state-of-the-art battery management system and cell balancing to provide outstanding performance in a range of applications including marine, mobile, industrial and commercial. They contain no poisonous lead, are non spill able, can be mounted on their side and have a much lower self discharge rate. You will find Technical Data, Install information HERE, all of which can be also obtained from Shorai's website HERE, TO VIEW THE FULL RANGE OF LITHIUM POWERSPORTS BATTERIES CLICK HERE <
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